In addition to writing workshops and talks, I also tell stories. These are generally traditional tales from all around the world but I do have a number of personal anecdotes and urban legends too!

I tend to group my stories around a theme. Story sessions last around forty five minutes or thirty for younger children.

Mythical Monsters

Tales of Cyclops and fearsome beasties abound. How can puny humans defeat powerful monsters? With bravery, wits and cunning usually! But what about the law of unintended consequences? Something usually goes wrong with monsters!

If Wishes Were Fishes 

What would you wish for? Will it change after I've told you a few tales about foolish wishes, literal wishes, or wishes that came true through no magic at all?

Devils and Demons

Folk devils have been around tempting and tricking poor folk for a long time. A mix of riddles and stories to amuse and chill. Probably for older groups.

Hallowe'en Shivers

Be warned! I love making people jump and I don't mind if people have bad dreams after hearing my Hallowe'en stories! Ghosts and devils abound so keep your wits about you and watch out for anything lurking in the shadows... Only kids with guts allowed.