The Mortlock Books

Set in Victorian London, these stories operate within the same world. Familiar background characters move between the adventures and they share some settings too but each story is a standalone novel. So the books can be read in any order!

Mortlock - For orphan Josie, life is good with Cardamom, the great magician who took her in as a baby and with whom she now performs her astounding knife-throwing act. But then three mysterious ‘aunts’ turn up - taking over the house and transforming into vicious, giant crows, in thrall to evil Lord Corvis. With his dying breath, Cardamon tells Josie to ‘seek the Amarant - and Mortlock’.  So begins a terrifying quest for Josie and her newly discovered twin, Alfie, the undertaker’s mute, who soon realize that the legendary Amarant is a plant with power over life and death, which Cardamon, Corvis and Mortlock first discovered many years ago in Abyssinia.
But Cardamon had another secret. Mortlock was buried alive - with the Amarant - and now only the final destruction of the plant can quench Corvis’s growing powers and evil plans.  Braving a circus of the living dead, and a terrifying encounter with the Amarant in a graveyard where Mortlock certainly does not ‘rest in peace’, Josie and Alfie will need all their courage and skills to save themselves and the world.

The Demon Collector - Edgy Taylor doesn’t have the best job in the world; he collects dog droppings from the streets of Victorian London to sell to the tanneries. But things are set to get even tougher for Edgy when a dying errand boy hands him a map carved into a sliver of skull.
Rescued by the mysterious Professor Envry Janus, Edgy is catapulted into the arcane world of the Royal Society of Daemonologie where demons are collected, catalogued and turned to stone. Intrigue and murder stalk the dusty corridors of the Society and satanic forces manipulate its members. With Spinorix the imp and Sally, a revenant girl who has been dead since 1735, Edgy discovers a race between Janus and the demon-queen Salome to find the body of arch-demon Moloch. Janus must stop Salome from returning Moloch’s heart to its rightful owner and awakening him.
But all is not what it at first seems. Now it’s a race to save the world that will take them all to the caves of the frozen North – and the truth about where Moloch’s heart really lies, and who wants the demon lord to awaken. 

 The Bonehill Curse -  Necessity Bonehill is arrogant, a bully and trapped in Rookery Heights Academy for Young Ladies. Bored and aimless, she spends her time training with the retired, and slightly insane, Sergeant Major Morris or fighting with the local peasant boys.  So when her Uncle Carlos sends her a seemingly empty bottle with the instructions, “Never open it,” she can’t resist the temptation and pulls the cork.
But Necessity unleashes an evil genie, a demon of pestilence and a creature that bears her parents a terrible grudge. With only seven days to rescue them, Ness has to find out how to kill the genie. She begins a desperate quest that takes her through the dark streets of London and to the Oasis of the Amarant in uncharted Africa. If she fails, her parents die and the world will fall prey to the genie’s hideous plague. Her nightmare magic-carpet ride brings her face to face with the Pestilents, the genie’s living dead servants, a vampire army and worst of all…herself.
The Arabian Nights viewed through a murky gothic lens with a fist-fighting girl for company!