Quick Reads

Deathmire - A truly atmospheric gothic tale from the depths of Victorian London by Jon Mayhew, award-winning author of Mortlock.
Tom Striker is a mud lark, earning a crust foraging on the banks of The Thames for
anything worth selling. When his friend Billy goes missing, and he saves a man
claiming to be Old Father Thames, Tom and his friends are caught up in a battle
between powerful spirits.

This title is published by Franklin Watts EDGE, which produces a range of books
to get children reading with confidence. EDGE - for books children can't put down.

Death Road In the twenty-fourth century the world is one big desert, plagued by flesh-hungry zombies. The survivors have built walls around what was left of their cities to keep the zombies out. This is the world Omak lives in. Omak is a 16 year old 'Postie' who delivers messages, medicine, anything between cities, braving the ravenous 'Snappers' who populate the desert. He competes with the feisty Silva for work until one he gets a job she just won't let him have. But it's more than professional jealousy.

Death Road is published by Badger Learning as part of their Teen Reads series.