Monster Odyssey

The Monster Odyssey Series follows a young Captain Nemo. Undersea adventure in 1815, monsters, pirates all encountered within a realistic historical world. If you love the world and invention of Jules Verne, then you'll love these stories.

The Eye of Neptune - Jules Verne meets Young Bond – with sharks! Assassins, espionage, giant squid, and mind-blowing adventure combine as one boy sets out to rescue his mentor.

Prince Dakkar, son of an Indian rajah, has issues with authority. Expelled from the world’s finest schools, he is sent to an unconventional educator, Count Oginski. Dakkar plans his escape immediately. But something about the Count intrigues him, including a top-secret project involving a submarine, which he shares with Dakkar.  But others are interested in the Count’s invention and what it might achieve and, when masked men kidnap the Count, leaving Dakkar for dead, he doesn’t know who was responsible. It could have been British Intelligence, or perhaps a sinister figure known only as Cryptos. Either way, Dakkar is determined to rescue the Count. Taking the prototype submarine, he sets off for adventure . . .
Cue shark attack, giant sea creatures, spies and an evil megalomaniac. From his undersea refuge, Dakkar plans to take them all on . . . with a bit of help from a Girl.

Wrath of the Lizard Lord - 1815 – Young Dakkar and his mentor, Oginski, take their submarine The Nautilus to rescue Napoleon Bonaparte from an assassination attempt. But when things go horribly wrong, Dakkar finds himself chasing fossil-girl, Mary Anning, into an adventure in a world deep beneath the surface of the Earth. It’s a world populated by dinosaurs, giant cavemen and the evil Count Cryptos. The ruthless megalomaniac is eager to unleash the denizens of this underground land that time forgot on the unsuspecting allied troops at the battle of Waterloo. But, as ever, Dakkar isn’t sure just who he can trust or even if he’s on the right side! More intrigue, more twists and turns and more exploding dinosaurs than you can shake a sabre at in the second of the outrageous adventures of a young Captain Nemo.

Curse of the Ice Serpent - 1815 - Another self-styled Count Cryptos has sprung up with designs on world domination. It is up to Dakkar and Georgia to race across the frozen Arctic to stop him. But, with his journey plagued by bloodthirsty monsters, they are running out of time. Without the faithful Count Oginski at is side, is there anyone Dakkar can trust? Will he outwit his rivals? Or will he fall victim to the curse of the sinister creature that haunts the ice? Think giant eels, giant everything trying to drag you into an icy ocean, add blizzards, explosions, battles on the thinest of ice and a real flying fortress in this third adventure of a young captain Nemo.