Monday, 29 September 2014

An Anniversary

It's been twelve months since I took the plunge as a full time writer. There have been some highlights seeing Wrath of the Lizard Lord published along with my other, shorter,books, Blood Cave, Macbeth and Death Road. I've visited schools the length and breadth of the country and enjoyed a few festivals too. In between times, I've enjoyed the freedom, flexibility and solitude that writing brings.

In some ways, I've treated the year as an experiment, balancing the books every quarter and weighing up whether a day job was required to keep us afloat. I have a family to support as well as a writing habit!

If you'd spoken to me just before Christmas, when I had a large number of outstanding invoices and was zooming up and down the motorways in foul weather, I'd have probably said the experiment wasn't working. In fact you might have even caught me checking out the situations vacant ads in the paper.

But, twelve months on, I'm pleased to announce that the experiment was a success! Mayhew Enterprises Financial Director (Aka, Mrs M) informs me that we have grown by 11% but that could be my waist size.

Of course, I don't make ALL my living from writing. About 40% comes from school visits and I do see them as two separate roles, albeit inseparably interlinked.

It's easy to be hard-nosed and business-like about it all and forget the fun of making up stories, the fun of meeting new people and catching up with writing friends (I'm looking at YOU SCBWI people!). 

So here's to another twelve months. Reset the clock, restart the experiment. You're only as good as your last book or school visit, you know!