Thursday, 5 June 2014

The Lizard Lord Unleashed

Today is the official launch day for the second Monster Odyssey book Wrath of the Lizard Lord. For those not in the know, it involves Prince Dakkar (a young Captain Nemo), Napoleon Boneparte, Mary Anning, Journey to the Centre of the Earth and the Battle of Waterloo. Oh, and dinosaurs.

I know, I know, technically, dinosaurs weren't lizards but as the book is set in 1815, technically dinosaurs weren't dinosaurs then. They didn't know what they were. Dragons perhaps.

I love the cover art by the super-talented Justin Goby Fields. If that cover doesn't grab your attention, then nothing will!

It's been great fun writing it, in fact, the next book Curse of the Ice Serpent is scheduled to come out in January, so not long to wait!