Sunday, 3 February 2013

Busy! Busy! Busy!

I'd hoped to blog more this year but I've been mad busy with events and family things and writing. Something always has to give and often it's this blog.

I've had some great school visits. The week before last, I found myself in Bristol and the wonderful St Bede's Catholic College and then at Henbury High School. 

I've also spent a couple of days at Ormiston Bollingbroke Academy in Runcorn where I'm currently Writer in Residence. We're starting to build material for an anthology which we will release to coincide with Liverpool's In Other Words Festival. It's all very exciting. And next week sees me back in Bristol visiting Redland Green School and Broomhill Primary!

Of course, it's important to relax, so I've been increasing my running mileage gradually and last weekend Mrs M and I walked half of the Sandstone Trail... eighteen miles in the snow. I must need my head reading!

Speaking of reading, I'm currently ploughing through Herman Melville's Moby Dick ahead of the Marathon Reading that I'm involved with at Moby Dick on the Mersey

I'm currently working on Book 2 of the Monster Odyssey series and I've noticed something. When I write, I seem to make two false starts. I write about five or six thousand words and then have to go back and begin again. This will be my fifth book for Bloomsbury and I would say it's happened with all of them except Mortlock which went through such a refining and redrafting process as it was rejected or critted that I can't remember exactly how many times I rewrote it!

How about you? Do you write yourself down blind alleys and have to reverse back and start again?