Thursday, 13 September 2012

A Book Birthday

Today was the day that Deathmire was published by Franklin Watts. It's a small book, a quick read and it has come to print so quickly that I was taken by surprise by today. I dedicated it to my son Frank and his friends and we had a small party.

Mrs M often expresses our feelings through the medium of pies and today was no exception. Deathmire is about mudlarks battling an evil water sprite in the Thames. So the most appropriate pie was...

A Mississippi Mud Pie! It was very rich and had several different kinds of chocolate in it!

The boys rose to the challenge, though. I think we all felt a little bit sick afterwards.

Deathmire is a short book but I'm still very proud of it. I wasn't a keen reader in my late primary/ early secondary years but I think if a book like Deathmire and the others in the Edge series had been out, I might have been a little more enthusiastic. I hope it captures many imaginations up and down the country!

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