Monday, 16 July 2012


Superheroes are big business these days. It seems that every other blockbuster film is about superheroes. Graphic novels are hugely popular. I often meet people who recommend this graphic novel or that magazine. I've lost touch now but I grew up reading comics.

I've detailed my on-off relationship with reading in the past but I always carried on reading Marvel comics. I wasn't a DC fan. DC when I was reading seemed hackneyed and stereotyped. I loved Iron Man and eventually collected all the back issues including when he appeared in Tales of Suspense in the 1960's.

I used to like the more horror-based titles such as Ghost rider, Manthing and Man-Wolf. I can remember being petrified after buying two comics. Not because they were the latest issues of Werewolf By Night or Dracula but because I knew that my Mum would find out I'd spent a whole 24p on 'horror comics' as she called them. 
I became a collector, focusing on specific titles but building up other lines too. I ended up with thousands of comics. They filled my wardrobes, under my bed and covered my bookshelves. Mum needn't have worried, I sold most of them for a handsome profit. I bought all the new X-men comics first time round for 9p and sold them for £15 each (I never look to see what they're worth now!)

And they inspired me thirty-plus years on:

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