Sunday, 25 March 2012

Bonehill Roots #1

It's just over a month until The Bonehill Curse comes out and I'm very excited! Plans for launch events are afoot and I'm left pondering what I'll say at school events. People like to know what influences brought the story to mind. Often I'm unsure. With my previous two books, many strands came together to be woven into thise particular story and Bonehill is no different. So it's quite fun to delve into my past and ask my inner ten year-old, "What excited you at this age?"

Now, I have to confess that I wasn't reading a great deal at this age (long story, ask me and I'll bore you with it). But I do remember seeing this at the cinema AND reading the (very thin) book of the film too:

I loved Ray Harryhausen's jerky monsters in the film. They blew me away as a young boy and Tom Baker made a superb villain! To a young boy sitting in a fleapit cinema in Birkenhead, the settings seemed so exotic. Another world, really. I've tried to bring some of this world into grimy, Victorian streets of Mortlock's London.

This is worth a quick watch even if it's just for the mad voiceover!

And then there's the whole 'genie thing.' But I'll save that for next time!

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