Sunday, 18 September 2011

Welcome Formby Books

I popped across the mighty River Mersey yesterday to see Tony Higginson, the bookselling force of nature behind a new venture called Formby Books. Tony is a legend in and around Merseyside. He gets authors into schools, children reading books and with such energy and enthusiasm. From time to time I read on Twitter or Facebook people bemoaning the fact that they find it hard to support their local bookshop. Most will have an online presence and Formby Books is no exception. Buy your books from Tony. Simple!

I was also lucky enough to bump into Joe Delaney of Spooks fame. I've met Joe a few times now and he's a real gent. He was promoting his new book I Am Grimalkin and another short story anthology called Haunted .

I love the challenge of writing short stories, summing up a character in as few words as possible, the beauty of brevity! Last Summer, I wrote four short stories that ended up on the Mortlock website, you can shuffle over there now and read them if you haven't already. Enjoy the new game there too!

I'm mulling over a number of things at the moment, the fourth book, work and life in general and other stuff but I think I'll be writing a few short stories over the next few weeks. What'll happen to them? Who knows but they're fun to write and that's what counts right?