Sunday, 26 June 2011

Two Awards in Two Days!

Blimey, last week seemed to be a week of twos. Two birthdays (my eldest son and daughter share the same birthday but were born two years apart!) and two awards.

The first was Sefton Super Reads which is well described by the lovely Bookwitch here. This was a great event. I love meeting new readers and I even got to read some of their reviews which was brilliant. My mate Tony from Pritchards Bookshop was there as were leslie and Zoe from Sefton libraries. They've been so supportive since Mortlock first hatched! I also got to meet Mary Hooper and catch up with Ellen Renner (a SCBWI pal).

But then I had to jump on a train and zoom over to Halifax for the Calderdale Book Award. Again, if anyone doubted that children have an appetite for reading should come along to one of these events. busloads of pupils from schools all over, keen to ask questions after they've read all the books on the shortlist. I met up with authors Andrew Newbound, Chris Mould, Fiona Dunbar, Mark Wright, it was brilliant.

These prizes are so important. They highlight all the hard work that librarians and teachers put in enthusing children about books. But they also celebrate the joy of reading.

Oh, and Mortlock won both! Such good taste, these youngsters!