Sunday, 10 April 2011


I'm writing a particular section in my latest book which will be out, all being well, next year. It's a harrowing piece because it describes someone changing into something horrible and creepy-crawly. There's something about transformation stories that give me the shivers. I think it stems from a book called "Alfred Hitchcock's Tales for After Midnight" that sat on my bookshelf for years when I was a child. It was a thick book of short stories. One of them was called The Fly by George Langelaan. It was the inspiration for the films of the same name. the description of when Andre Delambre steps out of the machine, looks at his hand and tries to scream will never leave me.

I wonder why changing is such a horrific theme; werewolves, vampires, zombies all involve the normal changing, transforming into something awful and frightening. Maybe it's because we change as we grow older and certainly go through dramatic changes during adolescence. The Fly always freaks me out though.