Saturday, 12 March 2011

More Devils and Demons

I've been away.

To celebrate the official launch of Demon Collector, Bloomsbury have whisked me all over this sceptred isle, visiting schools and libraries hither and yon! I've met some brilliant children who love reading and, even better for me, love Mortlock.

Tonight we're having a little party to welcome Demon Collector into the world. A few guests arrived early but we managed to ossify them before there was any mischief!

These were officially ossified demons, so we thought we ought to make that clear.

I was also pleased to see that the third Mortlock short story has been added to the website. I love the way Bloomsbury have taken these stories and set them out just like the books, same font and everything. And the fact that they're free!

In this one Jacob Carr meets a demon who has taken over Jacob's favourite pub. Not a wise thing to do, but demons were never wise!