Monday, 28 February 2011


I was really thrilled when Ali Sparkes asked my good self and the rest of the Trapped By Monsters gang to Adopt a Bookshop.

"Great," I thought. "My very own bookshop. Where shall I put it? In the garden? Adjoining the East wing of my castle? (All children's authors live in castles, you know... on account of the vast riches they earn).

But no. Apparently, they stay where they are and you lot all get to use them as well!

Which is important actually. Last year, when I was still drooling over the blackened pages of Mortlock, a young man by the name of Tony Higginson took me by the lapels and dragged me round manytoomany schools and sold manytoomany books for me! He's a champion of all kinds of literature and sells books out of Pritchards in Formby. If you subscribe to their website you'll see how many events he organises to push books and reading. If you call him, he'll get you a signed copy of Mortlock or Demon Collector, with a personal message too if you want.

Booka Bookshop in Oswestry is a place of fine books and fine baking. Again, great champions of Mortlock last year!

And where would I be without Adam at Liverpool 1 Watersones and Lynda at Chester branch?

You see, ordering online is all fine and dandy but times are tough. When our local Borders sank the year before last, it struck me that it left the whole of the Ellesmere Port and Neston area without a bookshop. That's around 81,000 people, 6 High Schools, I don't know how many primaries. So on second thoughts, you can share my bookshop but I'm still adopting!