Thursday, 6 January 2011

Something for Nothing!

It's not often you get something for nothing but here goes. If you go to the Mortlock website you can download a short story there. It's all about Mr Wiggins and a strange encounter he has.

There'll be a Mortlock story a month in the lead up to The Demon Collector. Each one will feature favourite characters from the Mortlock stories and some you've never met before. Bloomsbury have done an incredible job on them, same font and 'look' as the book. Wonderful. So go, treat yourself... have a story on me.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011


Well, 2011 is here and today is a special day for Mortlock as it comes out in paperback! It doesn't seem that long ago that I had the vague image in my mind of a boy, an undertaker's mute, who could raise the dead. The seeds of Mortlock as it turned out.

2011 looks to be an exciting year! With a Mortlock short story published on the website each month in the run-up to the publication of The Demon Collector in hardback in March. I'll publish a link soon.

Excitement too as Mortlock has been shortlisted for at least six regional awards so who knows what this year holds?

My writing resolutions?

For a start, I'm going to try to keep this blog more up-to-date! You wouldn't think I used to blog everyday!

To make sure that I ENJOY my writing. Publishing is a business, I know and a professional approach is essential but it ain't worth it if it becomes a chore. It can be hardwork, it can be challenging, I don't mind that but I intend to keep it...magic!

To stop using the word, 'had.' It should be banned and had been until recently... doh!

That'll do for now. What're your resolutions?