Sunday, 24 July 2011

Mars Attacks!

I went to see the last Harry Potter film yesterday. I really enjoyed it, my favourite (as it was in the book) part is Neville's heroic stand! I also came out of the film with the sense that it was the end of something. The books and films have become so inextricably linked that it was the last film that had to end the era. So I felt a little sad too. But as I came out of the cinema, I noticed this and my heart leapt!

For the uninitiated, John Carter is the hero of Edgar Rice Burrough's Martian books. John Carter is a confederate officer and prospector who is mysteriously transported to the dying planet Mars. It's a planet inhabited by huge, green, six-armed martians and their more-humanoid red counterparts. These were books I devoured as a teenager and so the prospect of seeing them as a film blew me away! Especially as the story has had such a tortuous journey to our screens!

I got so excited, I dusted down my old copy of A Princess of Mars and re-read it. A Princess of Mars was written in 1912 and obviously this shows in the writing and some of the attitudes in the book but the sheer scale of Burroughs' imagination is breathtaking and I was quickly drawn into it again!

I also loved the Marvel comics based on the books and have recently purchased the full collection! Edgar Rice Burroughs is more famous for his Tarzan books so ably rebooted by the talented Andy Briggs! I wonder if he could do the same for John Carter?

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Alex said...

I definitely felt the same coming out of the cinema - it really is the end of an era! Made me a bit teary *grins*
But I will certainly be checking out these Edgar Rice Burroughs books, thank you! (as if I need any more books to read, haha) *trots off to ebay*