Sunday, 16 January 2011

Where I Write

I've had my study redecorated! I call it a study, it's actually a small box room at the front of the house. It's so small, I had trouble taking a photograph!

I've always written all over the place but I have spent quite some time in this room too. In the past it's been full of boxes and step ladders but now we've cleared it out, given it a lick of paint and put shelves up to contain all my clutter!

Father Christmas brought me theMoominpapa and he's cool! You might just see a crow puppets beak to the left there and another crow sitting by my table lamp. A gift from the lovely Kathryn Evans, he went on a number of events with me but he's quite battered so he can rest there.

The books to my right are a mixture of dictionaries, Brewers Fable and Phrase and a trusty Thesaurus. Mayhew's Characters hides behind a couple of books about London and then there are some folklore books too. Next to Moominpapa, you can see my homemade notebooks.

On the wall is a picture of my tribe and I with the Chuckle Brothers (don't ask), a clipping from the Guardian showing a crow with a cigarette in its beak (very curious), and a lovely Green Man print from the talented Trish Campbell of Woodlandia.

Oh, and behind me is a massive white board for brainstorming on!

It all looks very orderly now but come back in three month's time and it'll be a total mess!


Keren David said...

Just one word. Jealous!

Jenny Beattie said...

Fab. I love seeing where people work. I don't think it matters how big it is (fnar fnar) as long as the space is yours, that's all that matters.

Sue Guiney said...

A room of one's's a writer's dream. We might well be moving house in a few months -- downsizing -- and that's my biggest worry. Where will I write?

kathryn evans said...

Ahh Crow! I don't miss him one bit, little, Jon, this room is DISGUSTINGLY tidy, I trust you're working on that ...x

kathryn evans said...

PS am very touched that Crow has desk space - hope you've put some newspaper under his bottom.

Michele Helene (Verilion) said...

I'm more than a little jealous. It seems that I will be placed in the entrance hall in the new place :(

Nicky Schmidt (Absolute Vanilla) said...

Lovely! But... for how long will it stay that neat and tidy...?!

DOT said...

You're not a teacher by any chance, Mr. Tidy?

I, by contrast, am Mr. Chaos once I start writing with piles of this and that stacked all around me.

Jon M said...

DoT I'm not really tidy by nature, Nicky's got it about right, in a few month's time it will be full and I'll need another room!