Monday, 13 September 2010

Mind yer toes and fingers!

I've always been a bit wary of chainsaws. I mean, all that whirling metal and that horrible groaning noise as the chain cuts through wood...or bone...shudder! So imagine my horror when I discovered that when I'm not being trapped By Monsters, I'll be hitched to the Chainsaw Gang.

The whositwhatsaw when? I hear you ask!
The Chainsaw Gang is the fevered brainchild of one Mr Sarwat Chadda, author of Devil's Kiss and The Dark Goddess, two thrillers and gut-spillers which I hope you have read!

The Chainsaw Gang is a loose collection of shambling, gore-soaked horror writers intent on bringing you the best in well...gore-soaked shambling horror!

The gang will be appearing in all manner of shapes and forms over the Hallowe'en period. Carve these dates into your forehead...
Alex Gordon Smith
13th October, 4.00, Thornton Heath Library, Croydon

14th October, 4.00, Coulsdon Library, Croydon

19th November, 4.00, Worksop Library

Steve Feasey will be at the Cheltenham Festival on Oct 10th.

Sarwat will be at the GobbledeBook Festival, Chester on Monday 25th, 2.30pm to 4.30pm.

I'll be unnerving people at:.

21st Oct: Crosby Civic Hall: Scarefest
26th: GobbledeBook Festival Chester: Teen Panel AM, Full Event PM
27th: Newport Big Read, Riverfront Theatre Newport
29th: Booka Bookshop Oswestry: A Hallowe'en Party
30th: Lancaster Castle (with Joe Delaney of Spook's Apprentice fame)
Crystal Palace Children's Book Festival on Sat 23rd October with myself, Alex Bell, Alex Gordon Smith, Sam Enthoven, Steve Feasey and Alex Milway and me. Book early, tickets are free but will soon go!
Norwich Millenium Library on Friday 29th October, 2.30pm with Alexander Gordon Smith, William Hussey, Sam Enthoven and Sarwat.
Foyles, Charing Cross Road. are hosting their big Halloween Angels and Demons extravaganza running Saturday and Sunday, 30-31st October. Look out for William Hussey, Sam Enthoven and Sarwat. Contact the store and book your place now.

So there's no excuse for not seeing at least one chainsaw-wielding author over the half-term break!