Monday, 5 July 2010

Astro-antics and Scream Streets!

On Friday, I met two true gents from the world of Children's writing. Tommy Donbavand writes the Scream Street series amongst other things. He's given me invaluable advice and even pushed a couple of events my way when he couldn't do them. That's a vote of confidence and a real honour.

Steve Cole was there too. he writes Astrosaurs, Cows In Action, Slime Squad, Dr Who books, Z-Rex, Thieves Like Us... well everything really. When I told him what a huge fan my youngest son Frankie was, he only dedicated "Astrosaurs Academy: Volcano Invaders" to him! You can imagine Frankie's face when he opened the book...amazing! It's the kind of memory you'll always carry with you.

They were both signing books at Pritchard's in Formby, a fantastic hub of bookselling fun! So thanks guys!

Steve's website is here. Tommy's is here. Trapped by Monsters is here!