Thursday, 20 May 2010

A Special Day

Today is the launch of Like Bees To Honey by Caroline Smailes. Caroline is a good friend of mine. She and Gary, her husband gave me sound advice when I first started out on the road to publication. I've shared some of the trials and tribulations on her own travels too.
She really is a star. Generous and helpful with a wicked sense of humour.

So this evening I'm off to Waterstones, Liverpool 1 for the official launch party. It's exciting! I can't help thinking of the launch of her first book back in June 2007 and how much has changed since then. That's exciting too!

Even more exciting is the very clever blog tour that Caroline has embarked on. The entire book is being serialized across 32 blogs and Harper Collins have asked me to host chapter four of Bees. So I've posted it above. The first installment is on Caroline's blog here and the chapters after this one can be found at L-plate Author here! And of course you can buy it here.

Happy reading.