Monday, 12 April 2010

Quite a Weekend!

This weekend was another of those rather special ones. Having launched Mortlock in London, it only seemed right and proper to have a more Northerly event. I call it a 'Northern Launch' but there's a lot more North to the North of us...if you see what I mean!

Anyway, we kicked off with a Book signing at Waterstones in Chester. I'd decided that I'd like some traditional tunes playing whilst I sat there so my good friend Richard from the Two Left Feet barndance band duly obliged. I couldn't let him scrape away on his own so I brought my mandolin too!

I didn't get carried away and forget to sign books though! Loads of people came. some I knew and some I didn't. Fellow Greenhouse Author, the lovely Harriet Goodwin brought her tribe down from darkest Staffs and it was lovely to see her! And the ever-supportive Gary and Caroline Smailes brought a crowd too!

Then it was all back to Mayhew Mansions for some butties (sandwiches to the rest you) and some beer! I'd love to have shown you pictures of the house heaving with happy guests but my Official Photographer mainly focused on the beer fest that his mates were having on the trampoline in the garden! We did play more music though!

It was great to have such a full house and the raffle of Mortlock merchandise raised £155 for Epilepsy Action.

I awoke the following morning with something of a headache... to find that Mortlock had been reviewed in the Observer Review and had been made their Children's Book of the Month! Stunning! A perfect end to a fortnight that I will never forget!

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