Wednesday, 7 April 2010


I'm very excited. Things keep happening. I'm becoming a "things-keep-happening" addict! Bloomsbury's new Mortlock website is up and running! I was shown roughs of it when I visited last week and there's more to go up on it. It's brilliant! You can find out how to recognise a ghul, what to do if one attacks you, there's author Q&A, a playscript to perform, all sorts! It's here!

And then there's the Northern Launch on Saturday and a bit of a knees up afterwards at my house. Lin has got some exclusive merchandise (including a cartoon she had secretly drawn by family friend Albert Rusling, Punch cartoonist and all round good egg!). This will be raffled to raise money for Epilepsy Action (a cause dear to our hearts and close to home as many will know).

AND more great reviews keep rolling in. There's a link list at the side. The latest is at Love reading 4 kids by Julia Eccleshare of the Guardian. I'm going to lie down in a darkened room and listen to crows...

Monday, 5 April 2010

Book Birthday

So today is Monday April 5th. Mortlock's official publication day. There were times when this day seemed so far off, I thought it would never arrive.

After all the fuss of the launch party and the trip down to London, it could all seem to be something of an anticlimax.

But I'm thinking of when I first wrote Mortlock, in its rawest form. Shaped it through Cornerstones, submitted it it to publishers and agents who told me it 'left them cold' or 'wasn't their cup of tea.' I'm thinking of the excitement of that first bite of interest, of the long waiting and the final validation.

So today is a day for a smile of satisfaction and maybe a trip to a bookshop somewhere to scan the shelves and introduce myself to a bookseller... 

Oh, and then getting ready for a knees-up on Saturday. You've gotta have a Northern launch! I'll be signing books again at Waterstones in Chester on Saturday April 10th between 11:30 am and 3pm. Don't worry we'll have you back home in time for the Grand  National!