Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Making Notes

I'm waiting for the Demon Collector to be sliced and diced by the lovely editor at Bloomsbury. This gives me time to focus on all things Mortlock, considering there are only four weeks left until launch! I've contacted local press and radio and organised a few school visits around the time too. Mortlock actually comes out slap bang in the middle of the Easter break which has pros and cons.

Amazingly, I also find myself with the time to think. Like many writers, I use a notebook to jot down ideas. I'm not as fastidious about carrying it with me at all times.

When I get an idea for a book, I quite like to dedicate a single notebook to that project. Nothing else must sully its pages! I also like to make my own notebooks. I try to vary the pages size, colour, texture. Something about this seems to improve my thought processes. It's a bit of a ritual. I like to find images that are relevant to the project and stick them on the cover in a collage. The rougher the notebook, the better. I even bind the pages together with garden twine.

Maybe the notebook seems more like an extension of my thoughts, or maybe I just like the simple task of cutting and gluing. The beauty of the notebook then is I can rearrange the pages into an order later but scribble as thoughts come to me.

It works for me.

Do you use notebooks? Anyone else make their own? Or is it just me?