Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Kernow Capers!

Just back from the North Cornwall Word Explosion and as usual all my worries were unfounded. My workshop was entitled 'Gory stories and Spooky Ballads,' no further explanation needed, really. The first session was in Bude Castle with a select bunch of cultured children and their pet adults. We had a great time and came up with some memorable gory and gruesome passages (I do worry about the children of Cornwall... such hideous imaginations!) They even agreed to appear in a photograph with me!

In the afternoon, they threw me in Bodmin Jail! Fortunately, it was only to run the same workshop but what was this? Twenty five children? Twenty seven? Thirty? And their pet adults too! In all there were forty punters all scribing away to deadly and chilling effect! And Bodmin Jail is such a spooky setting. We were treated to a tour of the cells later: freezing cold, sinister and very atmospheric! See below for the wild children of Bodmin!

Fantastic! I've asked the children to send me their finished pieces and I'll be posting them up on Gory Stories (there's a link at the side).
I had such a great time, I just hope they invite me back! And Michelle and Andy surpassed themselves in their hospitality. Here's a shot of my room...

Okay, I confess, it's another shot of Bodmin Jail. In truth I was wined, dined, fed with clotted cream scones and generally well looked after! Thanks to all concerned and especially to the brilliant kids I met!