Thursday, 11 February 2010

Word Explosion

The picture is from an 1835 text call The Death of Cock Robin. It has nothing to do with anything apart from I use some extracts from it in Mortlock.

Anyway!Thanks to the wonderful Mickmouse I am appearing in darkest Bude and Bodmin next Tuesday! It's the Word Explosion a new children's literary festival. I'll be leading some young souls through the more gory and spooky of this island's ballads and shamelessly promoting Mortlock into the bargain.It's a new experience and obviously, I'm quite nervous as well as excited by the prospect. Do I take my mandolin? Will they understand my 'plazzy-scouse' accent? Are there really werewolves in Bodmin as Sarwat asserts?

Another thing that struck me, though was the power of the internet. You see, this particular booking came about because of my blog. I wouldn't have had contact with the aforementioned Mickmouse were it not for the fact that we both blog. It's a truly wonderful thing!