Monday, 5 July 2010

Astro-antics and Scream Streets!

On Friday, I met two true gents from the world of Children's writing. Tommy Donbavand writes the Scream Street series amongst other things. He's given me invaluable advice and even pushed a couple of events my way when he couldn't do them. That's a vote of confidence and a real honour.

Steve Cole was there too. he writes Astrosaurs, Cows In Action, Slime Squad, Dr Who books, Z-Rex, Thieves Like Us... well everything really. When I told him what a huge fan my youngest son Frankie was, he only dedicated "Astrosaurs Academy: Volcano Invaders" to him! You can imagine Frankie's face when he opened the book...amazing! It's the kind of memory you'll always carry with you.

They were both signing books at Pritchard's in Formby, a fantastic hub of bookselling fun! So thanks guys!

Steve's website is here. Tommy's is here. Trapped by Monsters is here!


kathryn evans said...

I've said it before, I'll say it again, children's book writers are the best :O)

Janice said...

Mortlock is featured in Lifestyle papers, under the Read section. Really amazing...
Could not remember date. Just that the newspapers in Singapore.
sad thing was that it was only rated 2.5 stars
Will you be writing another Mortlock book?

Verilion said...

Hello children's book writer. I've just finished reading Mortlock (like about less than an hour ago) and I'm probably going to start yawning quite soon as before that I was reading it till about 1am this morning as well.
Oh my, the stuff to fuel nightmares for a long time! And the hideous aunts, eek! I really, really enjoyed it Jon and will be shoving it in peoples hands (notably the school librarian) come September. When is your next book coming out? ;)

Jon M said...

Kathy: Aren't they though? :o)

Janice, thanks for your enthusiasm! Book 2, The Demon Collector comes out in March 2011.

Verillion:I'm so glad you liked it but then you were in at the beginning! Tell everyone in Canada, everyone! :o)

Nicky S (Absolute Vanilla) said...

Ditto what Kathy said!!!
And, there's a little something for you over at my place... ;-)