Tuesday, 1 June 2010

My Favourite Monsters. Number 1: The Groke

The Groke is the creation of Tove Jansson and appears in her Moomintroll stories. All inhabitants of the Moomin's world fear the Groke. She stares at you with cold, malevolent eyes. Grins, humorlessly with white, shining teeth. A misty chill follows her wherever she goes and wherever she sits freezes in a thick patch of ice. Allegedly, she has a habit of eating people and her name often crops up in popular curses. "May the Groke take you."

In fact, the Groke does little more than stare from the shadows but everyone fears her. Ace! 

What I really love about the Groke, however, is the fact that she may be misunderstood. In Moominland Midwinter, she is drawn by the midwinter bonfire and sits on it in an attempt to get warm. Everyone flees from her in terror. She is lonely, cold and isolated. In the end Moomintroll feels sorry for her.

A truly three dimensional villian...in fact, maybe not a villain at all!

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Janice said...

1st comment.

Will the Groke be another inspiration for your next(if you have) book?
Mortlock is super dark. Keep up the good work! :D