Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Caught in a Trap

It all seemed so simple then. I replied to an e-mail from Sam Enthoven, egged on by Tommy Donbavand and with a smug smile, agreed to join their merry band of children's horror writers.
"It'll be fun," Sam beamed down at me (he's very tall, you know).
"We can do events and all kinds of stuff," Tommy grinned, clapping his hands.
"Free beer, probably," Sam nodded.
"So...why's it called Trapped By Monsters?" I asked. Sam's knuckles were just a little bit too white as he gripped my shoulder.
"Oooh, just a name...y'know, readers love it," Tommy's smile was tight, his eyes wide, almost pleading.
"Don't ask too many questions, just follow us."
I lagged behind them, wondering at Tommy's unusual profile in the dark. Did he always have four arms? And why did Sam's cheek seem so...scaly?
"Er...hey guys...this is a wind-up, right?" I called after them.
"Nothing to worry about," hissed Sam, pushing on the huge Iron gate that shuttered the cave entrance we had arrived at.
"So what happens in here?" I croaked. The gates clanged shut behind us.
But darkness filled my eyes and hideous laughter echoed around the rocky walls. Sam and Tommy had gone, replaced by the most hideous, slime green blobs ever.

I knew what it was to be Trapped By Monsters.
But don't worry. I'm digging an escape tunnel with a sharpened stick even as we speak... I'll be out...soon... Maybe there are other authors here I can team up with...


Megan said...

He, he, he - marvellous!

Wanderlust Scarlett said...



I can't wait... what is this insatiable hunger I have for the darkness that you unveil?

I'm so glad I know what a light hearted, sweet, talented, funny, compassionate, humble, thoughtful, loyal, whimsical guy you really are.
...cause it's rather dark in here!

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

DJ Kirkby said...

Seems to me that I recall one of your charectars using a shaprened candy floss stick to good effect once...perhaps you should keep one of those handy hmmmmm?