Sunday, 14 March 2010

Another Event!

For some reason, maybe it's my age or something , but I have very jumbled and hazy memories of Junior School. Classroom memories, playtime, school dinners, all the bad stuff like being told off, but I have one very clear and distinct memory of a white-haired man reading to us in assembly. 

The man was H E Todd, author of the Bobby Brewster series of books. I can remember being very impressed and buying a book and taking it to him to sign. It wasn't a pivotal moment in my life. I wasn't inspired to go off and write flowery prose. I read the book. Can't remember much about it. There was a policeman but Bobby ended the day eating his favourite sardine sandwiches and all was well with the world. But it was a memory, lodging in my mind forever.

An author visit.

It was curious to be at Chesterfield High School in Crosby, signing books for people. My book. By me. In other people's hands. Will I be a memory in someone's mind? That would be nice.

Very curious.

But a great feeling.


Michelle said...

were just that month too early...oh the books we could have sold at bthe Jail! Spoke to a parent of one of the kids that came and he was very enthusiastic about it all (and this boy is not 'writing' orientated at all). So excited for you and it looks FAb to se all the displays behind you. Waiting till I can get my copy

Sue Eves said...

How did the visit go - did you read in assembly?

I don't think you'll need white hair to be remembered Jon - can't wait to get hold of Mortlock!

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

YAAAAAY!!! Look at you!
That is wonderful. HUGS!

Um... Jon, you were going to mail one of those to both Vanilla and I.

Please email me about that when you get a chance. Thanks. ;D

Scarlett & Viaggiatore

Formby_Elf said...

Jon what a fab site and I was part of the early start we will keep selling the awesome incredible and dare I say GHUL-ish book for many months and may we start again this time next year but bigge rand better!