Saturday, 2 January 2010

Happy New Year

Apologies for my absence. Family illness has meant that 2009 ended pretty horribly and 2010 began in much the same way.

But we look to the future and what should be a memorable year for more positive reasons.

This year I become a published author.
Mortlock will hit the book shelves on April 5th.

If it's okay with you I'll just hug that warm, cozy thought and let it fuel my smiles. I'll soon be into thinking about launch parties and such. I have a few ideas already!

My resolutions? Well I always set myself achieveable goals so how about:

To run more. My running has ground to a halt this year so I need to get back out there and work off the pounds that inevitably crept back on during my inactivity! So half an hour a day?

To get a little more discipline into my writing schedule. I have one writing day per week and December saw it used up in various fun but non-productive ways! I want to use it for writing!

To assume good intent. I always do this one every year and, by and large, manage to keep to it but I assume in the first instance, that everyone I meet is reasonable, well-meaning and not trying to do me down, rob me or make my life a misery. It's worked so far so I'll keep that one too.

So Happy New Year to everyone who reads this blog. Let's hope it's kind to us and make it the best we can!

And your resolutions are?