Monday, 7 December 2009

How Cool Is This?

Being a veteran of one school visit and not having a book to sell, my mind turned to the prospect of turning up at schools when I do have a book to sell but some of the darlings mightn't have the readies for a book.

A book plate to stick in the front of a book was one idea. But I also liked the idea of a stamp.

Who hasn't wanted to work in a post office and slam down one of those important, chunky-looking stampers?

Admit it. The first time they passed your library books through a barcode reader and it gave off a pathetic beep, you felt the slight sag of disappointment. What happened to the 'Kerchunk!' of the librarian's date stamp?

The truth is, we all love a stamp. So I indulged myself. All my children now carry the Mortlock brand...