Sunday, 25 October 2009

Cover Story

Thanks to everyone who voted for my book cover in Mr Ripley's Book Wars. It was an interesting exercise in galvanising support and a humbling experience when so many people voted for me! Some exciting twists and turns too as Tommy Donbavand's Scream Street cover inched into the lead and I had to send out a plea for help! (I would have voted for Tommy's if my book hadn't been up there!)

The first draft of Book Two (The Demon Collector) is complete and now comes the difficult task of leaving it for as long as possible before rereading and (inevitably) rewriting it. I almost prefer the revision process to the original writing process, having material to shift around and redraft seems so much easier. I'm quite looking forward to that but I have to hold off. Launching straight into it will mean that it's still too fresh in my mind. A bit of distance is what's needed.

I'll start thinking about Book 3 while I'm waiting!