Sunday, 11 October 2009

I Ain't Superstitious...

Now I'm not a superstitious kind of chap really. I only count Magpies because of some strange OCD that overcomes me every now and then. And I certainly don't address single Magpies verbally so that any ill-fortune does wing itself my way. Honest!

Nor do I read horoscopes obsessively, looking for any grain of encouragement, although apparently Librans are always fascinated by their horoscopes (and themselves) and Libra cups, signs, books are always first to sell out. Russell Grant tells me that 2009 is an ideal year to indulge in creative pastimes. He said that if I wrote a book I would experience 'wild success.'

Rabbit's feet, horseshoes and four leaf clover mean nothing to me (although, come to think of it, I do have quite a clover collection pressed between the pages of various thick books around the house).

I remember a great night in a pub in a village in County Cork, Ireland. The previous weekend, I'd been to The Grand national at Aintree racecource (not too far from me). I mentioned to someone that I'd bet on every race and won (not big money, a couple of quid each time). I didn't have to buy a pint again that evening as virtually everyone in the pub bought me one 'for luck.'

Someone once told me that lucky people are those who say 'yes' to opportunities that come their way and I think I subscribe to that but I wonder if sometimes you have to put yourself in the way of those chances. I've written for years but once I decided to go for publication, I set about finding out the 'hows', 'whos' and 'wheres.' And it worked.

And now I'm working towards the 'hows, whos and wheres' of selling the book...touch wood...

Are you superstitious?