Sunday, 27 September 2009

A Few Cuts Here and There

A brief post... I am sorely wounded and may never recover...
Friends of mine on Facebook will know that I ended up seeing a specialist about a small bump or nodule on my forehead. I was quite taken aback at his enthusiasm for removing it. Which he did, duly stitching me up and sending me on my way, saying I was a brave soldier!

So all week I've had people peering at me and saying:

1) Nothing because they're too polite and grown up.


2) "What happened to your head Mister?" because they're not grown up and need to know the truth.

My stock reply was that I was attacked by a woodpecker. Most folks would grin, appreciate the joke and move on. Apart from one (grown up) person who actually said: "It always happens to you doesn't it?" As if I'm beset by woodland creatures every day. Squirrels pelting me with acorns, hedgehogs stabbing me with pointed spine, a kind of reverse Snow White in which I have to bear the brunt of forestry fulmination!

Anyway the upshot is that the stitches come out tomorrow, it's nothing life-threatening and so things are good.

Another form of surgery looms large soon. My writing of Book 2 moves on apace and I'm into the exciting bit. Well, it's all exciting but I'm onto the bit where you can see the finish line, it's almost complete! I've nearly done it... and then I can rip it up and start again (which I love actually).