Sunday, 20 September 2009

Greenhouse Author

I was asked recently where I write and my response was that I am a guerrilla writer, moving around, writing when I can, where I can.
I can be quite fussy about my writing conditions and until recently, thought of myself as the writing equivalent of the Princess and the Pea but I think I've narrowed them down to:

1) Warmth
2) Freedom from disturbance

I do have a small room to write in but when it gets cold, I just can't concentrate. A little electric fire solves that problem, turning it into a sauna in minutes.

Sometimes writing in the house isn't productive, especially with family about making unreasonable requests for food, affection, general nurturing.

I once couldn't concentrate because the do
g was looking at me. I swear she was.
Giving me that, 'we haven't been for a walk yet' look.

Today, because the weather proved so shiny and bright, I dug-in where any author with the Greenhouse Agency would... the greenhouse! You can just see my little netbook on my lap.

Where do you write?