Tuesday, 18 August 2009

It's Only Good Manners to Ask

So, having been snuck up on by my own presence on the Bloomsbury site, I decided to put myself about a bit. Go and see some local book store managers. I did this too because I needed to complete an author questionnaire for my publishers and one of the questions went as follows:

Are there any retail outlets in your locality willing to display the book?

Well. It's only good manners to ask. This is what I have discovered from this experience:
  1. Bookstore managers will give you the time of day.
  2. They only have one head and do not devour debut children's authors for breakfast, dinner or tea.
  3. The word 'Bloomsbury' has a magical effect on them, making them sit up and smile excitedly.
  4. It is very strange telling a bookstore manager the name of your book, them typing it into their computer and saying, "You'll be Jon Mayhew, then..."
  5. I underestimate my ability to present myself as a rational and intelligent human being with not a trace of weirdness.
This all very encouraging.