Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Why I Flinched

Talk about talking your eye off the ball! I've been so wrapped up in the finer points of Mortlock and whether line 14 on page 175 needs an indetation and writing book 2 that this one passed me by and someone else pointed it out to me!

Have a look here.

I was rather impressed to say the least! But it did make me flinch too and I'll tell you why...

There will be a point at which Mortlock will be on shelves in bookshops across the country, and other countries besides. And I won't be there to sell it personally.

When I pitched Mortlock to editors or agents before meeting Sarah Davies last year, I was there, smiling, being nice and not weird (honest).

If I could, next April, I would be standing in every bookshop in every town all over the country, smiling, being nice and not weird (really). Selling my book.

But I can't. I'll try my level best to be in as many bookshops in as many places as possible but I can't be omnipresent. And so Mortlock has to sell itself. Well almost (and this is why I flinched).
Because it really brought home the truth in the fact that, yes writing is part of the job, here, and what fun it is. But promotion and awareness of markets, of what's going on with your work and grabbing opportunities when they arise are all part of it too.

So here we go for a bit of gratuitous self-promotion:

Go here and search for Mortlock. I'm sure it'll come up on some stats somewhere and make an impression.

And I'll try not to flinch again. Funny word that... flinch.