Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Yeep, yeeeep, YeeeeeeEpp.

These are the sounds I make when going through my manuscript page by page on the phone with a copy editor.

She was very nice.


Tuesday, 28 July 2009


The trouble with Harry is, he's always in the background.
Hovering on his Nimbus 2000.
"You're writing a book?" They say. "The next Harry Potter?"

I remember resisting the urge (only just)
to rip someone's head off when they said,
"We should write a children's book, like Harry Potter, can't be that hard can it?"
The respectable way to dream of making a fortune rather
than doing the lottery
or a good old honest flutter on the nags.
There he is... on his Nimbus... just out of reach...

He's always there, hovering.
Just in the corners of people's imagination.
A"hint of Harry."
Can't define it or pin it down.
Maybe it's me but he's there... hovering.

Toto scurries back to his kennel.
Harry's still there.
Lyra to Oxford,
Artemis Fowl to his Manor.
But Harry hovers... on his Nimbus...2000.

Sorry for the doggrel everyone. I'm not 'having a go. I've always enjoyed Harry Potter and admired JK Rowling's success. I've just been to see Half Blood Prince which I loved. I enjoyed the book too but it left me musing how much of an 'elephant in the room' old Harry is whenever children's writing is mentioned. What d'you think?