Sunday, 12 July 2009


I should be blogging more often. There's nothing worse than a neglected Blog.

I'm forging ahead with Book 2 which is taking shape nicely. Mortlock kind of grew organically then was taken by the scruff on a number of occasions and given a good shaking. Book 2 is being written to a deadline.

There's a qualitative difference between writing a book in the hope it might one day be published and writing a book that someone likes the sound of and will have a first peek early next year, thank you very much.

The difference is the phrase 'might one day.' Within those words is hidden the luxury of time. Time to think, to change your mind, time to make mistakes and start over again.

Don't think for one moment that I'm courting any sympathy here cos I'm not. It's just a difference I've observed. So I've been more precise with this one. It's mapped out in a way that Mortlock never was. I have copious notes on characters, societies, buildings, devices, things that might never make it into the book but I know they are there. I sent this rationale to my editor along with the synopsis and she almost wanted to publish the rationale too. So it was detailed.

The old adage in teaching (and elsewhere I suppose) is fail to plan, plan to fail. This doesn't hold true with writing I believe. Some writers let their work grow as they write, I've done that before and it's worked but with the luxury of time. Maybe I'll try that next time!