Saturday, 4 July 2009

Thankyou to Everyone!

The money has been collected and counted. My brother and I raised £2553.20 in the end. So thankyou to everyone who donated and especially to my cousin Angela (who I know reads this blog). She set to on fund raising with military precision and determination, rallying the large and sprawling family to which I belong.

Just to put the amount in context, £1ooo covers the cost of a hospice night nurse for two weeks. He or she will provide vital care and support for many terminally ill patients and their families during that time.

I'm really proud to have run for Help the Hospices and proud of everyone who gave so generously in these financially tight times.

You are stars!
And just being cheeky, our Just Giving site is active for another couple of weeks I suspect, so if you've just read this and felt a pang of regret at not donating at the time... you still can!
Writing news?
Contracts have been signed (after lengthy negotiations... my agent is wonderful!) and work recommences on Book2... I'm off to write. I confess to having a fuzzy head today after drinking champagne and eating chocolate cake with the lovely Smailes clan to celebrate!

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Writing Holiday

I'm waiting again... all part of the job and I'm not complaining (honest). Folks at Bloomsbury could never be described as slow!

Apparently, the next stage of this whole process is the Copyeditor. It fascinates me, this world of publishing and each step brings something new for me to marvel at. This poor woman has to plough through my work looking at grammar, spelling all the technical stuff and putting it into a format that is more 'book-like.' All very exciting! Someone else is looking at my outline for Book 2 so I'm at a bit of a pause.

So I'm... reading! There's FE Higgins and 'The Eyeball Collector' which I enjoyed immensely. And now I'm reading 'Season of Secrets' by Sally Nicholls. I'm bracing myself...I think it's going to be a tear-jerker.

And a writer never stops working so my thoughts have been turning to ideas for Book 3 and ways to promote Mortlock. never too early to start planning...