Thursday, 4 June 2009

Hindsight is a Great Thing

My first Blog post on this blogsite was exactly two years ago today.

Has much changed???


I read through those early posts trying to find myself in them but it seems like another person. So much has happened. Some of it quite sad but some amazingly uplifting and validating.

Hindsight is a great thing, they say and I agree. Hindsight is great, it's brilliant!

I look with hindsight at the post about Cornerstones and give a little shiver, look where it's brought me.

I look with hindsight at the post about the first SCBWI Winchester conference when, inspired by David Almond's keynote speech, I realised that one day I would be a published author and smile.

I look with hindsight at the post about joining the Greenhouse Agency and grin. The right decision.

And now I look at my e-mail inbox, with messages from Bloomsbury discussing my latest revisions to Mortlock.

Mortlock, the book I started two and a half years ago. Stuck a few samples online to see if anyone could give me a few tips or pointers about improving it! My first post says, "teaching and writing. Both require endless optimism!"

Vesper commented that my blog 'voice' seems more confident. She's right. The last two years have changed me, there's no denying it and so the Blog has to change too. I can't be Writing in a Vacuum anymore, because I'm not. I wasn't the moment I started the Blog, really because you guys are so supportive. It can't be a 'wannabe' blog anymore.

But it does raise a valid point. What do we read blogs for? I suspect that we like the connection we make with others and the glimpse of their lives it affords us. We don't want to be sold something everytime we visit, that's why corporate blogs are usually so dull.

Oh and the picture at the top is just a random one of Highgate, for gothic, Victorian creepiness you understand!
Why do you read blogs?