Thursday, 23 April 2009

Doing Anything At The Weekend?

1. Running the London Marathon. I had a huge pasta dinner tonight. The last week of training is always the best. More eating than running!

I'm still on the prowl for sponsors. We've raised over £700 pounds so far and that doesn't include money that Other Brother has raised. is where to go to donate.

Many of my blog friends from beyond the shores of this Sceptred Isle have asked how they can contribute too. Advice is here.

It's a massive address but shows that it is simple to donate from overseas.

This may be my last marathon, given that training properly requires a huge investment of time. The charity is one close to my heart. If you can spare a few quid, I'd be eternally chuffed!

2. Visiting friends! Including Sarwat Chadda at the Crystal Palace Book Festival. More details here.

3. Collapsing in the back of the car and being driven back up North on Sunday Evening!