Thursday, 16 April 2009

Ceriog Blog 2

It being the Easter break over here in the UK, we decided to venture down to lovely Welsh Wales were other brother resides deep in the Ceriog Valley. Other Brother and his wife are blessed with a beautiful, rustic cottage set in acres of woodland which clings to the steep valley sides. Amazing. I've described before how he rides horses, tames the woodland, climbs trees and generally has a ripping time out here.
I stood watching as other brother set up a zip wire for the kids to zoom down the hill and through the trees. It didn't go quite according to plan but nobody got killed and we had fun. The woods this time of year are lush green and heavy with the scent of wild garlic.
This is said brother retrieving the rope for the seventeenth time.

We're often advised to write what we know, characters we know but to disguise them so as to avoid offence. I'm certain that all I know of Ceriog and other brother's escapades will slip into a story one day. It has to but I don't think he'll mind. he'll probably be some kind of heroic woodcutter!