Friday, 13 March 2009

Deal or No Deal?

Regulars to my blog will know how long I’ve been working on Mortlock. Some of you guys helped to crit it very early on. But a few months ago, I met Sarah Davies some months ago and we set about reshaping Mortlock.

And finally, it came to the point at which the book was ready to roll. I thought Sarah was amazing because of her insight into what makes a book truly ‘grab yer guts’ so to speak. But witnessing her selling the book was jaw dropping.

It’s an exciting but circuitous process, this business of getting a children's book written and sold. Someone should mention it to the United Nations, I’m sure it’s a form of torture.

You get e-mail after phonecall after e-mail…this house likes it, that one doesn’t, these people are in these are out. And then slowly, slowly a list forms…publishers who MIGHT like your book…who MAY take it further…

And then…another publisher takes it to their acquisitions meeting…

Someone else drops out because of that…

And then…finally your agent tells you that we have an offer!


I’m pretty monosyllabic on the phone at the best of times but this news left me gibbering incoherently. But Sarah got the message that I felt it prudent to accept...

Anything I say will be a cliche. Dreams come true. Opening up new possibilities. Needless to say I am a little more than very very pleased. It’s exciting, it’s a little bit scary. I can’t wait to get going but…

Consider the economic climate,
Consider the gloom that seems to surround publishing at the moment,
Consider the competition out there vying for deals.
And then I find that another deal was made too!
You have marvel at the force of nature that is the Greenhouse Literary Agency!

“You’ll probably want to lie down in a darkened room after all this,” I said to her last night.
“Good Lord, No,” She replied. “I’m off to make someone else’s dream come true, now!”


A year ago, to the day, it was my dad’s funeral. A poor boy brought up in one of the roughest parts of Hull, he valued our education and would have been so immensely proud of this achievement. I know it.