Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Devil's Kiss

I don't often review books, probably never, certainly seldom. People might get the impression that this is a writing blog and that would never do! However, the gentlemanly Mr Sarwat Chadda did me the great favour of sending me an advance copy of Devil's Kiss.

"Once the Knights Templar were the greatest military organization in Christendom. Popes, kings and princes knelt under their gauntleted hands. But now they are few, just nine warriors lurking in the shadows, fighting their secret and eternal war. They survive, but only just. All it would take to wipe them out is One Bad Day. That day has come."

Billi SanGreal is the only girl to be initiated into the Knights Templar, a teenager struggling to come to terms with her father's brutal obsession with battling the forces of evil. Whilst helping him to battle the forces of evil. Cope with school. She longs for a normal life. And this as a backdrop to a struggle of epic proportions.

I have to admit to a little trepidation on opening the book. What if I didn't enjoy it? Would I struggle to finish it? I find it hard to finish books I don't enjoy, I'd sooner ditch them than waste my time.

I needn't have worried. The opening scene hooked me and dragged me deep into Billi's dilemma. The ensuing tensions and revelations propelled me through each chapter...I couldn't put it down!

Plenty of action and gore. Plenty of plot twists and character tensions to keep you guessing. Some of the scenes are mind-boggling!

It's a little while since I opened a book in the morning, missed the passing of the hours and closed it as the darkness gathers with a sense of awe. But that's what happened with Devil's Kiss.

A real treat from start to finish. It's flying round the family now, you never know a real teenager might get to read it one day!
My only gripe? The sequel isn't out yet!

Due out in May 2009 in the UK, and Fall 2009 in the US.