Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Winchester Wonderland

The SCBWI Winchester Weekend Conference. Ah! What a treat. I met the charming and very funny Mr Philip Ardagh...

He's also very tall. Thanks to Kathy who is as short as I and had to stand on fifteen milk crates to get this perspective.

But then he tried to drive me into the ground with one blow of his mighty fist. Philip's after dinner speech was very illuminating and left us with a lot to ponder on... not least the wisdom of reading to the public from one's own book.
And then I met up with the lovely Karen Ball, ace writer and all-round good egg. I had spoken to Karen on the phone but not met her so it was great to catch up.

As well as the socialising, there were lots of opportunities to sharpen the writing craft, meet real authors (not imaginary ones) and get books signed (which is fast becoming something of a fetish). Cliff McNish's session on story archetypes particularly set me thinking about my current draft of Book 2!

But I have a confession... during that weekend I fell in love. It was during a workshop about school visits. Our eyes just met across the room, over a sea of heads...

I never managed to get to see Woofy close-up, his minders hustled him away before I had chance but what an inspiration. My life has changed.


Michelle (Mickmouse) said...

Sounds an awesome weekend away. Brilliant to chat to you today, really excited about your visit to Cornwall!!
I would not have even been in the photo with Philip Ardargh as I suspect I am even shorter than you!!!

Bernita said...

Jon, I have the feeling I wasn't around to congratulate you on your success. Let me do it now, even though I'm woefully late.
I am so glad!

DJ Kirkby said...

You look very happy!

KatW said...

Sounds like a fab time was had. Wish I'd been there. It's time I got out to a writing conference.

Tam said...

Sounds ace!

Wanderlust Scarlett said...

Very glad that you had so much fun and even met a human Wookie!


Keep going.

Scarlett & Viaggiatore