Sunday, 1 November 2009

The Fabulous Return of Five Things What Are Good!

The nights are drawing in, the half-term holiday drawing to a close and for other reasons I find myself on the glum side.


We pick our selves up and think of five things that are good!

1) The Lion King. This week we were lucky enough to go to The Lyceum in London to see it. I've always loved old LK and the story is soooo Shakespearean and good. The kids loved it too and at times I wasn't sure which was best, watching them or the show!

2) Chessington World of Anticipation, sorry Adventure! Queue for 45 minutes to experience 2 minutes of sheer terror/ nausea/ paranoia and that was just the Merry-go-Round (I am such a wuss when it comes to scary rides).

3) Deals with Russian Publishers! Whilst in the aquarium at Chessington, surrounded by clown fish and conger eels, I receive a call from my wonderful agent telling me that Mortlock has been sold to the Russian Olma Media Group. Incredible. Bewildering. Fantastic! I wonder if I'll ever get to go over there?

4) Hallowe'en. I always love Hallowe'en. We duck for apples, carve out a pumpkin (We used to carve out turnip lanterns, tough!) and generally get a bit spooky.

5) Meeting up with friends. We've been lucky enough to impose on the hospitality of two old friends this week, eating and drinking them out of house and home! We also caught up with the mighty Sarwat Chadda for a cup of tea and a biscuit. Brilliant.


JJ Beattie said...

Sorry to hear of the glumness. I love your five things...

I would love to see the Lion King; for me it's about the costumes.

Candy Gourlay said...

oooh i will have to do a five things on my blog too. what a great idea.

and sarwat, only a BISCUIT? poor jon.

DJ Kirkby said...

Oooh I love these posts. I must do one again soon too. I am a scary ride wuss too. Congrats on your Russian deal. Amaze!

Michelle (Mickmouse) said...

Congratulations on the Russian deal - does it come with complimentary vodka? Ahhh, Chessington - until we moved to Cornwall six years ago, Chessington was my home town, the source of income through sixth form and Uni (worked in the gift shops there). Had no idea there was an aquarium there now!! Used to be able to hear the sealions at night from our bedroom window if it was a clear, still evening. Have to say though, don't miss it that much, compared to the place we call home now.

Jan said...

I hope by now you're far from glum!
AND great news re your infiltration into Russia...!