Sunday, 20 September 2009

Greenhouse Author

I was asked recently where I write and my response was that I am a guerrilla writer, moving around, writing when I can, where I can.
I can be quite fussy about my writing conditions and until recently, thought of myself as the writing equivalent of the Princess and the Pea but I think I've narrowed them down to:

1) Warmth
2) Freedom from disturbance

I do have a small room to write in but when it gets cold, I just can't concentrate. A little electric fire solves that problem, turning it into a sauna in minutes.

Sometimes writing in the house isn't productive, especially with family about making unreasonable requests for food, affection, general nurturing.

I once couldn't concentrate because the do
g was looking at me. I swear she was.
Giving me that, 'we haven't been for a walk yet' look.

Today, because the weather proved so shiny and bright, I dug-in where any author with the Greenhouse Agency would... the greenhouse! You can just see my little netbook on my lap.

Where do you write?


SueG said...

Yikes! What a picture. There's something somewhat sinister about it, I'm afraid to say :-) I write in a small room upstairs in my house surrounded by all the detritus of my writing life. The door closes but not all the way -- otherwise I get locked in. It's not quiet, but it gives me the illusion of being tucked away which is, I guess, what I need.

SarwatC said...

Is that a triffid reaching over?

JJ Beattie said...

That is rather alarming!

I'm going through a Starbucks phase at the moment. I have to get away from my other work or I won't do either!

Jon M said...

I guess those plants do look a bit like they're closing in on me! It's a lovely place to sit and bake, honest!

Tam said...

A room?!? Luxury! I have a corner of the cluttered dining room, which I share with four rabbits and a Russian hamster. Still, I can dream of having my own room, eh?

Nothingman said...

That's a cool pic! Are those headphones with the netbook? I can't write with music on :(

I live alone so the only distraction while writing is me. And I can be pretty distracting. Like, right now, I should be writing.



Bubblecow said...
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BubbleCow said...

Can I rent out a spot in your greenhouse?

Eric J. Krause said...

That greenhouse spot looks like a great place to write. I have a little writing desk in an upstairs room that looks out into our condo community. The straight ahead view is not great--just another condo--but to the left is a nice view of a little pond with ducks in it. Though I almost always work from there, I can usually get words down no matter where I am.

Michelle (Mickmouse) said...

Are the tomatoes growing towards you or out of you!! Can appreciate the warmth and relative comfort of a greenhouse. i have a desk in a room that is in theory for writing on, but services us better at the moment as a dumping desk!!
Loving the trailer and book cover - FAB!

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

I'm kind of expecting a large hairy spider to appear behind you in that picture.
I'm like you - I need warmth and silence. Happily, it's easily come by in my nectarine/peach coloured study!

Megan said...

I would love to have a greenhouse to write in.
Like you, I usually write all over the place - at the moment on the bus mostly, it seems