Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Website Envy

Lots of things have been going with Mortlock on behind the scenes but if I told you then I'd have to kill you, as the saying goes. All hush hush. Suffice to say that, at the moment the word excited does not cover the range of emotions that accompany opening e-mails and ordinary envelopes at the moment!

And I've been preoccupied so I missed the arrival of fellow Greenhouse author Harriet Goodwin's new website. Harriet was in the Greenhouse at the start having been scooped up from the SCBWI Undiscovered Voices Anthology competition.

I love the new website. I love the green tones (a welcome change from the black that accompanies many websites- mine included!). It just feels so professional and established. I want one like that!

Harriet's book The Boy Who Fell Down Exit 43 sounds right up my street, "Finn Oliver will never accept his father’s death, but he finds a few minutes of forgetting as he joy-rides over the moors in the beat-up family car. Then the accident happens – and Finn hurtles through the wafer-thin divide between the living and the dead. As he falls, he collides with a spirit-girl, Jessie Sherratt, who is on her way up to the surface to visit the local graveyard.

Together, Finn and Jessie must save the Underworld from destruction by releasing the ancient Firepearl from its elemental enchantments at the centre of the Earth. But can they reach it before their evil adversary gets there first…and is the Firepearl quite what it seems?"

It's out September 7th and you can preorder it here.

On a different note altogether Tracy has awarded me a Superior Scribbler Award which I was rather chuffed with to be honest, geiven my rubbish blogging track record recently! Thanks Tracy!


DOT said...

To be honest, your blogging track record is crap. But always amusing. I, therefore, award you the crap amusing award - suitable graphic in the post. :)

Tracy said...

Hey, but when it's posted it's good!! And you're an inspiration on the writing front which kinda makes up for the intermittent blogging. :D

Michelle (Mickmouse) said...

All sounds hugely exciting Jon, looking forward to the day when there are exciting things in the post too! Are you going to the conference in Nov?

JJ Beattie said...

Ooh, can't wait to hear what is so exciting... I am imagining. I have lots of patience but come on, get on with spilling the beans!

Harriet's book sounds wonderful. I shall buy it for Son.

Caroline said...

Love that front cover - it's perfect. Anyway, spill the good news matey...

Nothingman said...

Jon, i saw Mr. Chadha's book in bookstores here and it made me glad that i learned about it from your blog. Gonna buy it when I get my pay. Hope i get to buy your book soon too.

Love the black in the blog. It's classy! stick with it!



Angela said...

I like intermittent blogging, makes it easier to catch up with when I've been an intermittent reader.

Absolute Vanilla (and Atyllah) said...

Of course you're a superior scribbler! Can't wait to hear more Mortlock news!

Jon M said...

Dot: Thank you so much. Your assessment of my blogging of late is spot on!

Tracy: Gee thanks! :)
Michelle: I have my tickets booked already!

JJ: Can't say yet!

Caroline: It is good isn't it?

Nman: I passed your sighting on to the man himself.

Angela: Tee (intermitt) hee!

Vanilla: Me neither!